I perform a full range of services, but primarily officiate: ¬†traditional, renewal of vows, religious, non-religious, spiritual, symbolic, same sex, unity, just to name a few. However, I’m flexible to fit what the couple is seeking to have performed.

I usually perform ceremonies in San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange County, Northern San Diego County or surrounding areas. I include travel expenses with our fees so you can budget easily. The majority of weddings I officiate are held within these counties but we are willing to travel beyond these areas as long as it is still Southern California.

No, however the value of premarital preparation is beyond measure. Divorced couples and successfully married couples experience about the same number of conflicts.

Our fees for ceremonies may range from $199 to $499. Fees are mostly base on ceremony package and mileage. The average couple spend in the mid $300’s.

It is completely understandable for couples and their guests to assume officiants earn an unusually high amount of money for simply prompting the couple through their vows and pronouncing them husband and wife, but that is only part of the story albeit the most visible part.


Competent officiants spend time before the wedding pulling the pieces together and ensuring the desired flow of the ceremony. Time may be spent helping the couple customize vows, decide between a unity candle or a sand ceremony, and/or writing the opening words. Ceremony composition is far more time-consuming than the joyful occasion itself.


Officiants are often present well before the service to calm nerves or confer with a wedding consultant, the DJs, the photographer and other wedding vendors. We are usually asked to stay for a portrait photo. Sometimes waiting for a long receiving line to conclude or family portraits to be taken first. Some officiants in California are also responsible for ensuring accurate completion of the marriage license and we often take responsibility for submitting it to the appropriate County Clerk office. There are travel and/or postage expenses associated with this responsibility.
We must also acknowledge that wedding officiating is a business with accompanying expenses. Officiants must advertise, maintain home offices, have internet access, make long-distance phone calls and travel to the ceremony among other costs. Your officiant is a professional every bit as much as your caterer and your photographer. This is why we highly encourage prospective couples to consult with several officiants before selecting the one who will preside at their ceremony. Consultations help determine personality fit and assess professionalism on the part of the officiant. Nothing can ruin a ceremony faster than having an officiant who cannot write or assemble an eloquent ceremony, mumbles, flubs names and is incapable of maintaining the flow of the service.

Absolutely not! The templates provided are a small sample of what we have officiated in the past. Each couple and their relationship are unique and their wedding should reflect that. If you feel one of these services is perfect for you, by all means use it. But certainly do not feel limited. We chose these services because they include a variety of optional elements and hopefully provide a glimpse of how diverse the order of service can be within a “typical” wedding. You are welcome to find more ceremony samples online.

Yes I do. I have performed simple legal ceremonies for couples about to sail on a cruise who plan on having a symbolic wedding on board. I have performed a simple legal ceremony for a couple who wanted to marry before the husband was deployed and will have a grand wedding celebration when he returns from overseas.

Reaching your Officiant should be easy. You can call, text, or email. Send your questions to carla@mydreamceremony.com or (909) 489.1022.

Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am to 7pm. Although ministers have “office hours” that does not necessarily mean they will always be immediately available. Office hours indicate the times they try to be available to take calls and exchange email, but of course pastoral visitation, ceremonies and other appointments also occur at these times. If you are unable to reach me, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

That depends completely on your needs. Some couples want to have complete control over the content and simply desire their officiant show up and lead the service. Others would prefer the officiant be integrally involved in designing the flow of the service and delivering a short marriage sermon. My services are reflective of a wide range of needs and budgets.

The attire of the celebrant is dependent upon the tone and content of the ceremony. I have a variety of clerical robes, formal suits and casual professional attire. I work with the couple to blend with the feel of their unique service. I can assure you however, that I will be dressed.

No. Please do not expect your officiant to stay unless a specific invitation has been tendered in advance. Invitations indicate courtesy and eliminate awkward situations and schedule conflicts.

Gratuities are a delicate subject. Your minister, officiant or justice of the peace will not be insulted if you do not tip. It is not expected.

No, but any material that you want your officiant to use in Spanish must be translated in the language you want your officiant to use during your ceremony. I will provide you vow samples in both languages — English and Spanish.