Jail Ceremony

My Dream Ceremony wedding ceremonies offers inmate/jail/prisoner/detention services to brides/grooms within Riverside and San Bernardino County. We can perform all weddings in English and Spanish and add personal written vows (i.e. traditional, non-religious, religious, faiths, non-denominational). Services are based on a case by case.

Prison Ceremony

State of California
$ 699
  • Complimentary consultation
  • Professional wedding officiant
  • Travel to the County Recorder to obtain Marriage license
  • Perform Ceremony at detention center
  • Travel to Detention Center (70 miles round trip from zip 92570 included). Additional mileage is $2 per mile
  • Completing and mailing of your marriage license
  • Provide ceremony in English or Spanish
  • Marriage license is not included. Paid out of pocket by couple
  • Notary Public not include but may be obtained for an additional cost

What is Required

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Must be single (not married to someone else or each other)
  3. Must have the required documents mentioned by the County Recorder’s office

Documents Required

  1. Valid government issued I.D. for both parties (i.e. Driver’s License, State Identification Card, Passport, Military I.D., or Resident Alien Card, as long as it has a picture, name and date of birth). Previous detention center identification is acceptable. Face sheet for incarcerated person is not acceptable
  2. Affidavit of Inability to Appear (must be notarized, cannot be notarized by person performing marriage). This typically will cost out of pocket $65 to $150. You are welcome to use your own notary public
  3. Certified copy of Birth Certificate for both parties (must be a full copy, not an abstract)
  4. Final Decree of Divorce/Dissolution of State Registered Domestic Partnership for either party if previously married/or state registered domestic partnership (it does not matter how long the divorce/dissolution has been final)
  5. Proof of incarceration issued by the county. The free online downloadable will not be accepted
  6. Completed application for marriage license; including – front, back and all signatures where applicable
  7. Must have lived together prior to arrest/detained

Jail FAQ

Unfortunately there is nothing we could do. Couple must provide all required documents listed by the County. These are rules given by the County, not us.

It is a form that is signed by a person who is unable to appear in person. An example would be someone in custody or hospital.

Yes you may hire who you wish. Typically a mobile notary will cost you $65 to $150 per transaction.

No, an expired or photo copied identification will not be accepted. This proof will need to be presented the day you purchase your marriage license with your officiant.

You will need to have a copy of the FINAL Dissolution. In order words, divorce papers. The divorce paperwork does not need to be certified.

No but you will be swearing under oath.

The reason a confidential license is preferred is because it does not require any witnesses to sign your license. Not all jail facilities will allow a guest to attend the ceremony, therefore buying a public license will cause you to have to purchase a confidential license. 

Timing is very important. I typically will recommend the same week you are getting married. 

The same way you purchased your marriage license. The County does not send you a copy. Some Counties will provide you the option to pre-pay your certificate, pick up in person, or request it online. 

Where Do I get the Affidavit

The affidavit must be notarized and signed by the inmate. Download the form by clicking box.

Marriage license application

Each County has their own  marriage license application. Make sure you are obtaining the corresponding form in your area.

Riverside County Marriage Application

San Bernardino County Marriage Application


  1. Price is based up to 70 miles round trip from zip 92570 (city of Perris). Additional mileage: $2 per mile.
  2. Your 50% reservation fee is non-refundable but transferable within 6 months from your booking date (based officiant availability).
  3. Refunds: Any deposit(s) or payment(s) made by the couple are final and non-refundable. Exceptions may be made by the sole discretion of the officiant.
  4. It is the responsibility of the groom/bride to pay the marriage license and notary public out of pocket.
  5. Groom/Bride must obtain and provide a notarized letter called “affidavit of inability to appear.”